Air Racer: Chasing the Dream
Produced by: Graceann Dorse, Christopher Webb​​​​​​​
Director/DP: Christopher Webb
Editor/Associate Producer: Jessica Schoen

Feature documentary follows a husband-and-wife team over a four-year period as they struggle to create and race the most advanced racing airplane in the world. Air Racer premiered on The Documentary Channel and has been screened several years in a row at the world's largest aviation event, AirVenture Oshkosh, attended by over a million visitors annually. The film also screened for thousands of viewers at the largest indoor theater in the USA during the famed Reno Air Races.

This is without a doubt the best movie ever made about air racing … a racer has to appreciate the authenticity and soul of this movie.  – Bob Axsom, Sport Air Racing League

Air Racer is a documentary about the elite world of air racing. The movie profiles a husband-wife team that try to create the most advanced, purpose-built air racing airplane ever built. The result is an exciting look at the competitive, but rarely seen world of air racing.   – WIRED Magazine