Air Racer: Chasing the Dream
Director/DP: Christopher Webb
Editor: Jessica Schoen

This feature documentary from Christopher Webb Films follows a husband-and-wife team over a four-year period as they struggle to create and race the most advanced racing airplane in the world. Air Racer premiered on The Documentary Channel in 2009 with a two-year run in the broadcast lineup. The film has been screened several years in a row at the world's largest aviation event, AirVenture Oshkosh, attended by over a million visitors annually. Air Racer also screened for thousands of viewers at the largest indoor theater in the USA during the famed Reno Air Races.

This is without a doubt the best movie ever made about air racing … a racer has to appreciate the authenticity and soul of this movie.   
          – Bob Axsom, Sport Air Racing League

Air Racer is a documentary about the elite world of air racing. The movie profiles a husband-wife team that try to create the most advanced, purpose-built air racing airplane ever built. The result is an exciting look at the competitive, but rarely seen world of air racing.   
          – WIRED Magazine